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Kind People Save A Dying Dog And Her Transformation Is Incredible

auren Buckley started fostering animals after she rescued her dog, Brooks. He was on the euthanasia list at an overcrowded Alabama shelter and Buckley simply couldn’t imagine her life without the pup after she found out about him. The whole experience made her realize how many dogs who are facing a grim future could be the perfect companion for someone else if only given the chance. It’s been four years since and Buckley has been loving every second of it!

Recently, however, the woman took in such a neglected doggo, she wasn’t even sure if she could help her. “We saw [pictures of] Lainey and her brother posted on Facebook on Christmas Eve by the Good Samaritan that found them. He couldn’t keep them and we knew we had to do something,” Buckley said.

Lainey suffered from demodectic mange and secondary skin infections. Over the following months, she would undergo aggressive treatment. However, with all the love and attention she has received, the little girl pulled through.