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The story of a Vietnamese cat

This Mỡ - Fatty. The mellow, honest and stupid cat of mine.

Fatty is a bit over 3 year old whom I got from the neighbour after his being born in a backyard. He was then this tiny little thing - not to mention being a Vietnamese cat with a not-so-eye-catching coat of fur. His existence, as it seemed, would begin and end quietly somewhere where people never bothered to care. Because he was a Viet cat.

It was love at first sight for me with Fatty, because of his gentle and somewhat shy gaze. As a kitten, he used to stand in the yard to sun bathe, silent as an old cat, enjoying his quiet space. He is incredibly sweet, and afraid of doorbells and strangers. He likes to live in the simple and happy safety of a cat: eat-sleep.

I've had many chances with other exotic and beautiful cats. Everytime there is a post about Western cats looking for a home, people flock to response. But the opposite always happens when we try to find a owner for a native cat, as no one seems to care.

I love Fatty more than any cats in the world, simply because he is a Viet cat. And I'd give every privilege, the happiest possible in my capacity for a cat, for him. But what I found during the time with Fatty, is an inscrutable look - from doctors, nursing staff, nurses at pet spas to friends - " Why would you spend so much for a local cat like this?"

But why not? Viet cats or Western cats are all cats, always needing protection, love and responsibility from the owner. Why is there such discrimination and stigma against them? Is it because being born not really beautiful or chubby is a sin and doesn't deserve to be loved? Your cat, regardless of its breed, will be lovely if it can feel the love, protection and responsibility you give them with honest.

At this moment, Fatty is still sleeping in his favorite food cover dome while I write these lines. He's perfectly oblivious to the fact that he's quite lucky, more than many of his friends - who are fighting out there, for the happiness of Vietnamese cats.

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