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My story

The cat must have been badly hurt in an accident. She lay the whole night under the cold rain in the small alley until noon of the next day when someone decided to call our rescue group :(

We took her to the vet. She was cold, wet, keeping shivering, while having broken arch and fangs, swollen stomach, nose and mouth bleeding, spine being seriously impacted and hence paralyzed hind legs. The vet had to give her nutritional shots, dried her, and let her rest with a heating lamp next to her in order to raise her body temperature before treatment could continue ...

After months being hospitalized, she now eats well and can walk again! She is enjoying her lovely foster home, but still looking for her adoptive parents who can give her love for the rest of her life.

You want to help?

Adoption Process

Before deciding to adopt, please ask yourself if you are ready for a lifetime commitment to a pet. There are many things to consider such as financial ability, accommodation as well as mentality (yes, being a parent is never easy). The adoption will also need the mutual agreement between your family and related sides.

And you feel ready? Please follow these steps.

1️⃣ Find your favorite pet on our website.
2️⃣ Contact our Adoption Counselor (account name: Hanoi Pet Adoption) to find out more information about the pet.
3️⃣ Take part in our adoption screening interview.
4️⃣ Prepare a corner for your pet, sign the adoption paper and pay an adoption fee.
5️⃣ Keep us posted on the pet’s new life, especially if an incident happens to receive proper support.

❗ Notice:
- For English speaker, please choose the account Hanoi Pet Adoption to ask about adoption issues.
- The adoption interview may include personal questions. Please be patient with us!
- The adoption fee varies on different pet, depending on their conditions when being rescued and the spent vet bills (vaccination, sterilization).
- The adoption fee is to cover paid medical fees on the pet and to support other animals in the shelter.
- If you want to meet the pet before adoption, you are welcome to visit our shelter.
- In case you are unable to take care of the animal, please inform us and return the animal. DO NOT give the animal to anyone without an agreement of HPA.

🐕‍🦺 If you can only foster, consider being one of our Volunteers. Find out more information in the Volunteer section.

🐈 Details about our Virtual Adoption Program is available in the bottom banner of this page.

adoption conditions
  • Stable income
  • Take the pet with you when moving
  • Provide required vaccination and sterilization

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